Global Market Access with 2nd Layer for smart technologies

The VEFramework will help you to create your own business platform which can be online for whole globe. It is very easy to use it to move your dreams to the world. With prepared ecosystem of applications, drivers and examples you can create apps even if you are not skilled developer.

VEFramework is OpenSource project. Feel free to use it for personal, education and commercial activities

Why VE Framework?

Technologies in one complex package

There are just few projects which needs just one technology to run perfect in today world.
Most of the applications require more than one IT/SW technology to run correctly and especially when it is focused to the global markets.
VEFrameworks serves you multiple technologies connected through abstract layers suitable for share data inside unified namespace.

Most important technologies inside of VEFramework Environment are:

  • IoT Protocols
  • Blockchains
  • Databases
  • APIs
  • WebAssembly UI components

Know-how from Industry

The VEFramework is based on the deep knowledge from industrial field. Most of the factories works for global market and solves same troubles across the globe. With our long term connection to these fields we were able to create complex environment with most important technologies.

We implemented the tools for most common usecases in the digitalization such as:

  • Persistent storage of the product data
  • Easy Backup and Restore of the Data
  • Ransomware protection
  • Transfer supply chain data across the globe
  • Identity management
  • Proof the of ownership
  • Just-In-Time Economy Model
  • Inter-Service Connection and Triggering
  • Safe Sharing the Data with AI

Blockchain - Layer for ServerFree Apps

Most of the global applications must offer way how to connect clients across the globe and keep the data persistent. Blockchain solves this pretty smooth way. It has some technical limits, but with smart change of architecture of the Application it is possible to use it.

VEFramework works with different blockchains. It means that you can choose different blockchains, but still use the same code in your applications. Now we have integrated Neblio as main layer blockchain and Dogecoin for testing the interoperability. Based on successful Proof-Of-Concetps from 2021 we will add more blockchains in first half of 2022.

Blockchains in VEFramework:

  • Neblio
  • Dogecoin
  • ReddCoin – Soon
  • Bitcoin – Soon
  • Hyperledger – Soon

C# .NET Core - Multiplatform robust solution

It is been long time ago when Microsoft published first version of C# Language. It was always used in more robust applications, especially in healthcare, industrial, bank and government solutions. The robust architecture of the C# is based on know-how of Microsoft how to create complex ecosystems.

The .NET Core (and later .NET solutions like .NET 5 and new .NET 6) is solution for multiplatform applications. Lots of people still believe that C# is just for Windows. It is not true anymore. You can use same code on Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android and iOS. The simplicity which comes with new .NET 6 will bring C# to absolute top position for creating new complex applications and services.

The core of the VEFramework is written with the use of the C#.

Main advantages of C# and .NET solutions:

  • Robust Libraries mostly written by Microsoft
  • Long term excellent support
  • Multi-platform solution
  • Amazing development tools for free
  • Automated integration with Azure Cloud services

Microsoft Blazor - The Revolution

Do you want to built robust application which runs inside of web browser without deep knowledge of this kind of programming? Yes, that is Blazor!

You app will work in most of the web browsers such as Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Brave and much more others.

Microsoft combined the HTML and C# to bring amazing environment how to create the apps amazingly fast. You can use most of the C# robust libraries in form of the packages.

Blazor UI components or whole pages you can share between Web Assembly application (those who runs just in browser) and server side applications. This will save you lots of time during your development. Same sharing you can use for the libraries what you are writing for your application.

VEFramework contains the set of more than 40 UI components for the Blazor and 3rd layer dApp VENFT. You can use whole app as the template for your own Web Wallet and NFT marketplace.

VEFramework contains for example these components for:

  • Creating and Backup of Account
  • Unlock and lock account
  • Sending blockchain transaction
  • Listing of Blockchain Transactions
  • Crypto Payment Gateway
  • Creating NFTs
  • NFTs components
  • Browsing and buying NFTs
  • NFT based P2P Messaging

API for Application Connection

Do you have some existing application what you would like to place to the global market? Usually it takes lots of effort to create centralized server for your application. With use of pre-built applications from VEFrameworks you can do it easily and just integrate the API between applications or integrate API fro VEFramework app.

VEFramework APIs are based on OpenAPI format. You can use for example Swagger Editor to generate automatically the client in your programming language.

With OpenAPI format you can automatically create client API Wrapper Library for these languages:

  • C#
  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • Java
  • Go
  • PHP
  • And many others

IPFS - Inter Planetary File System

Storing, backup and sharing of the data globally can be easy with modern technologies. IPFS is one of the revolutionary technologies. It works as decentralized space for files.. Each file is represented by hash based on its data. It reduce the duplicity and offers simple way how to backup or share data with just table of the anonymous hashes.

WooCommerce Integration

VEFramework has integration with WooCommerce WordPress plugin. You can install very easilly eshop with VENFT Server App which can run even on Rasperry PI and provide automatic processing of ordered NFTs. You can publish NFTs directly from VENFT App to your WooCommerce e-shop.

OpenSource and OpenHardware

VEFramework is OpenSource solution for personal, education and commercial use too. Please feel free to use it in your applications. It will save you the time during your development.

Same as other software the VEFramework goes through development all the time. The repository is hosted on GitHub and gives you access to watch our progress with this ecosystem.

The repository will contain soon reference to the repositories with related projects such as PLFramework which we are preparing for publishing as OpenSource and OpenHardware too as a part of the OpenDigitalization.

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Main Technologies in VEFramework