About Project

Digitalization can save the time and money in almost every field. Thats why we have decided to create these tools as OpenSource and OpenHardware. We believe that all people could have same opportunity and same tools. We welcome anyone who can join our community and help to improve this environment.

Who is Behind the project

Project was started in 2021 by Tomas Svoboda from Technicinsider.

The Technicinsider is group of enthusiasts who loves the technologies and application of these technologies.

Please explore more on Technicinsider Website.

Strategy plan

We are writing for you complex strategy plan now. We would like to publish at the start of the January 2022. The document explains main reasons why we have created this framework and how is it possible to use it. It contains more detailed description of the next steps in the field of development and business strategy too.

Partners of the VEFramework Project

The Virtual Economy Framework Ecosystem is growing everyday. We have lots of interesting partners on board. Most of them has own solution for industry, medical, healthcare or governments.

Main development partner - RoundSqr

Headquartered in Hyderabad, RoundSqr is a digital company (Data, Analytics [AI / ML / CV], Blockchain). We help Businesses define problems and solve them using emerging technologies, typically in the areas of customer engagement, employee empowerment, and operational efficiencies. We are your DIGITAL PITSTOP, providing you with the right support, at the right time, quickly, to let you drive your business better and faster.

The name RoundSqr (round pegs in square holes, from the Apple ‘Think Different’ ads) is a philosophy that mandates us to think differently and do whatever-it-takes to make our clients successful. We have delivered solutions that our clients are filing patents for and launching businesses around. Our customers themselves span geographies, industries (healthcare, manufacturing…) and type (Fortune1000, half-a-century old, mid-size and start-ups). In just 3 years, the company has grown to over 100 employees, with 30 global clients and 3 offices.

Management Team:

Expected Road Map

Setup of the Core Team

Setup of the Development Team

Start of the refactoring and creating new documentation

HARDWARIO CHESTER IoT Gateway Integration in VEFramework

VEFramework Core refactoring Updates

Setup of Delivery PLRobot

VEFramework Blazor UI Component library

dApp module for SAP IS based on NFTs

Start of Delivery – HomeNode

Release of VEFramework 1.0

Start of the PoC project digital city

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.