E-Commerce UseCases

Global E-commerce is changing. Eshops are replaced by NFT Marketplaces, the classic payment services by crypto payments and investment products. With VEFramework you can jump in so easy and move your business to the new age

E-Commerce UseCases

E-Shop vs. NFT Marketplace

Whats the difference between E-shop and NFT Marketplace? In practical view. from customer...they are almost the same. The main function is buy some items on the webpage. The huge benefits comes primarily for the owner of the e-shop. You can drastically reduce the costs for IT and SW. The NFT Marketplace using the blockchain as the database. Even if you will run globally you do not need to increase your webhosting costs. Also the integration of the payments are so easy with compare of Credit Card payments or other similar services. Thanks to the blockchain you have all the transaction recorded for purpose of the accounting and taxes.

Supply chain Stock management

Transfer of the information between supply chain was always difficult. Especially in the food industry. It contains huge amount of small suppliers who needs fast information about the orders. Global market increased the need for this data. Implementation and training of the centralized apps which can delivery these functions is very expensive or impossible because of so many of the destinations. Thanks to the blockchain and dApps you can solve these tasks very easily and provide information about orders or production immediately to the suppliers. "installation" is usually just opening of the specific web page, everything else runs on blockchain and related services.

NFT Marketing

The time of the emails is coming to the end. We have new communication tools and NFT is one of them. NFT are eco. You can reuse them, but email you cannot. The NFTs are future tool for marketing. With correct blockchain and tools you can airdrop NFT Post or NFT Image with advertisement to your customers. If they do not like it they can use the token for minting their own NFT.

WooCommerce Integration

Do you have existing E-shop based on Woo Commerce? If yes, you can very easilly see how you can simplify it and transfer it to the blockchain to save your money and time. VEFramework has integration with WooCommerce WordPress plugin. You can install very easilly eshop with VENFT Server App which can run even on Rasperry PI and provide automatic processing of ordered NFTs. You can publish NFTs directly from VENFT App to your WooCommerce e-shop.

Do you have your own E-Commerce UseCase?

If you have some e-commerce usecase what you would love to solve and you need our help, please feel free to contact us.