Industrial UseCases

Do you know Just-In-Time Economy? Do you know how to store production data on blockchain? What about sharing the production data with AI?
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Industrial UseCases

Store Production Data on the blockchain

During the production you need to store the lots of data about the product, processes, tests, etc. This data can be used for feedback to improve your production or as a proof for warranty applications or FMEAs.

The blockchain offers great system how to store and track these kind of the data. With NFT Pattern you can send these production "birth certificates" machine to machine.

The huge advantage is global accessibility of these data and their long term persistence. The data are available through the API or own Node and you can backup them easily anytime.

Share the Data with AI

The sharing of the data between the factory or healthcare and AI is usually very difficult challenge because of privacy of the data or required support from the IT department of data provider. NFT pattern with combination of storing data on IPFS can solve you this.

VEFramework offers NFT Drivers for these usecases. If you need to share the data with the university or some company who is training AI for you, VEFramework can create the file with IPFS hashes of the files and you can easily provide the data. To save your time all these steps can be automated.

Just In Time Economy

If you delivery in the products in Just-In-Time mode you will need the Just-In-Time Economy too. The blockchain which is also the cryptocurrency can provide the suitable tools to implement this model. With blockchain you can provide the information about the new product right from the production line. Or start production right after the customer will buy the NFT. This will trigger automated production. You will receive separatelly payment for each product.

Check the integrity of programs based on FMEA

If you have a production with devices such as robots or visual inspection systems you have to have processes how to inspect if these devices works with correct program. With use of NFTs and IPFS you can check very easily if the program is correct and if it was provided by some authority.

Spare parts tracking

Spare parts stocks is in the each factory. Mostly still works on the "paper" in better case some "spread sheet" or "ERP". This limits a sharing of available spare parts between the factories. The blockchain offers simple way how to share this data and provide complex list of available spare parts.

Do you have your own Industrial UseCase?

If you have some industrial usecase what you would love to solve and you need our help, please feel free to contact us.