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Use your blockchain through the VEFramework API.

Read more about how to use VEDrivers Lite in your code.

See vEFramework in practise

Primary Repository for VEFramework

BaseDataPlace – Example application for VEBlazor Library

Application which uses ChatGPT to create language lessons and then mint them as the NFT on Neblio Blockchain

Coruzant.com is publishing platform focused to C-level executives. They have lots of interesting content which is now available also in form of NFT on Neblio Blockchain.

BaseDataPlace – Application for industrial Xray images management

Demo of VEDriversLite.EntitiesBlock library. It offers tools for creating and calculation of complex energetic models. This example shows also simulator of the PVE and battery storage.

Swagger OpenAPI and Wrapper Tools

Guides and code details

Class Structures and other API Details

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