First Steps


Are you intrigued by the idea of collaborating on shared economic growth? Provide your software to other developers in the VEFramework GitHub repository and help kick-start the next phase of the Industrial Revolution. You’ll be contributing to the foundation on which the entire economy will be built – and the entire society will benefit from a higher standard of living.

What can you do to join us?

  • Tell your developers about the VEFramework Open Source project or show them our GitHub.
  • Contact us via e-mail with any question or problem you have. If we can help you, we will do it.
  • Connect with us on Twitter and LinkedIn and follow us for more information about digitalization, blockchain or Industry 4.0.


Has our initiative resonated with you and do you want to be an engine of the new industrial revolution? Join the VEFramework community. We are gradually growing with operational managers and developers (Architect, C#, UX/UI, DevOps) who help maintain and develop the core. Together, let’s take digital from the roundtables to real people, leaving our digital footprint on the world.

What can you do to join us?

  • You can drop us an e-mail or connect with us on Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Read more about the opportunity of using VEDrivers Lite.
  • Read more about the opportunity of using our API.
  • Contribute to the freely available repositories on GitHub and explore the open source.