Full Platform For Virtual Economy

Global economy is now under reconstruction. Using blockchain for creating cryptocurrencies is the future and it will need lots of new applications and integrations. 

VE Framework brings a whole ecosystem to creating applications connected to the blockchain. 

VE Game Drivers will simplify the use of blockchain in your Games. 

Web Based UI

Want to access your Wallets and Accounts from any device? From any place? Simple solution: Web Based UI!

Most of the UI features  for economy applications are already offered by VE Economy.

You can easily add your customized dashboard, or create a whole Web Based UI for your application and use the prepared APIs.

IoT Ready

Blockchain IoT. Yes!

With VE Framework you can create an IoT node which has full connectivity to the blockchains. 
VE Framework applications can run on ARM platforms too (for example Raspberry PI). It has all your necessary needs.

VE Economy has integrated MQTT Broker and you can easily subscribe to IoT data stream with other systems.

NFT Ready

Do you need to use NFTs?

Non-Fungible tokens are part of the VEFramework. You can use inbuild tools and tokens to create own NFTs or create your own tokens and build your own NFT platform!

If you already have NFT marketplace you can use VEFramework as backend service for your marketplace. 

Or just enjoy NFTs with new 

Typical Applications

VE Framework is designed for any application which needs to connect to the blockchain.

Main applications are :

  • Using as personal wallet
  • Browser for NFT tokens, NFT tokens minting
  • Sending and receiving Blockchain transactions
  • Sending and receiving encrypted messages on blockchain
  • Creating proofs of files existence by creating Hash of file and send it with NFT
  • Using API for integration with another application
  • Using API for creating own HTML/JavaScript based application
  • Trigger actions with inbuild functional "Nodes"
  • Run custom JavaScript to process transaction data and "do" some action with "Node"
  • Play CHESS game and in future another games via Blockchain
  • Use VEDrivers library in .NET Core projects
  • Use VEGame Drivers library in .your Game projects

Account manager

Main application VE Economy has wallet and account manager. It helps you handle your accounts and keep some system in your finances. 

In account manager you can simply create new address, delete address, change the name, check balances, and send transactions of currency and tokens.

Account manager provides data via API and MQTT. You can use VE Economy as a server application with your own UI for manager.

Browse your tokens history

You can browse all address tokens. You can check what tokens you have or any other in the Neblio blockchain network.

In the token browser you can find all the data about a token transaction including image, time stamp, amount and token Metadata. 

You can display just incoming or outgoing tokens transactions and search them by their name or symbol.

Integrated Functional Nodes

This functionality brings this wallet to the IoT world!

Node is a functional unit. It can be triggered by blockchain transactions. You can use as trigger source not just your addresses, but you can trigger based on any address on the blockchain network! All addresses are public!

Now there are two kind of nodes: HTTP Request (GET and PUT) and MQTT Publish. 
Both can run custom JavaScript before doing the action. In your JavaScript snippet you will receive all transaction data and you can process them to create some output for node action. This runs inside the server application so you do not need to run the browser!

All node settings can be exported in JSON format. You can store it and recover it.

Creating NFT on Neblio

VE Framework includes tools for creating/minting the NFTs. As main token for creating NFTs it uses VENFT token (based on Neblio NTP1).

If you want to buy these tokens you dont need to go to exchange. You can purchase it directly in the application without any registration. 

In few minutes you can start to creating NFTs or browsing and colectling from other collectors and artists.

VEFramework NFTs can contain Image, link or Youtube Video code. You can create NFT with your video!

You can download simple code for static web pages which can load the data and display the NFTs on any webpage. It does not need to run special server. Just copy and paste :)

NFT Browser and Trading

VEFramework has in basic UI browser for NFT shops. Each address can be used as shop where you can place your own NFTs and people can browse them and request for trades or buys.

The NFT Browser has integrated messaging which runs on blockchain and can provide direct communication in according to some specific NFT.

Encrypted Messaging

VE Framework offers the way how to communicate with your partner in encrypted form.

It uses Neblio tokens to carry the messages content. Each content can be encrypted with RSA asymmetric encryption. Each party has own key pair for the communication.

This can provide you safe communication on the internet accesable everywhere where you can connect.

Key manager

It is good to have some information private. 

This manager will help you to keep system in your keys which you can use for communication with your family, friends, shops, companies, goverment

This manager store your keys on local storage and all keys are encrypted secured by your passwords (each key can have own password).

Manage users

VE Framework includes a security controller to secure the access to API commands. You can create users with different rights and use them to access different API commands or UI components.

VEGameDrivers and Example Chess

VE Framework is designed as a whole framework for building DApps with the use of blockchain technology. 
Huge future use of blockchain is in the gaming industry. Thats why VE Framework brings VEGameDrivers as a library which can be used in .NET Core applications or for example in Unity3D. 

These drivers can help you store players or other game data on the blockchain. Players can have easy access to their game data everywhere and every time. 

You can simply use blockchain game drivers to create your own economy in a game. Integration to your .NET application is simple and fast.

VEEconomy has one example game now. It is a chess game which stores all of the players moves on the blockchain. These data are not encrypted so it creates an open database of chess games and moves. It can be used for teaching Artificial Intelligence how to play chess.

Hash files and proof the existence

VE Economy UI has an inbuild function for hashing files. This will help you create a  Hash of your file which is unique and can be used to verify integrity of your file. 
You can simply send it with an NFT token metadata and you will have absolute proof of existence of your file in that moment. It is written to the blockchain so no one can tell you the file is not yours!

This function is drag & drop so it is very simple to use.

Easy to Use & Customize

VE Framework can be used as template for your application. VE Economy is ASP.NET application which can run on all platforms such as 

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • MacOS
  • Android
  • iOS

This application is written in C# and you can change the API commands, write own functionalities and enjoy huge amount of functionalities already created to simplify you your development. For example this is solved and prepared for you:

  • Support of multiple Db providers: MSSQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite
  • Secured API and standard API
  • MQTT conectivity, inbuild MQTT Broker and Client
  • API commands to send transactions on blockchain
  • Inbuild JavaScript executor
  • and much more  you can find on project GitHub page

Main VE Framework Applications and Drivers

VE Economy

Main application with secured API and example UI which can be used as a full wallet and account manager, for integrate with another application or use as a template for your own application or game

VE Drivers

Complete drivers for economy based applications which needs connectivity to blockchains. 
These libraries can be used with .NET applications
There is also available minified VEDriversLite

VE Game Drivers

Game drivers simplify the integration of blockchain to the games. 
It uses VE Drivers and wrap it for the game purposes. You can simply store game data on the blockchain or create game economy


Part of the VEDriversLite is NFTs drivers. Their implementation is for example in VENFT App.
You can create your own unique NFTs with different content. Share it with people in the internet and sell or trade it.
VENFT App has compatible Server side app which can process automatically orders of the NFTs thanks to cooperation with WooCommerce.


Application for instant encrypted messaging on the blockchain.
High durability and accesibility of the blockchain combined with RSA encryption gives this messaging app the power.
This messaging is direct P2P with encryption/decryption on endpoints. You and your partner are only able to read them.

Key manager

Application which helps you to keep the system in your accounts and encryption keys. 
It uses integrated encryption to keep your keys stored in safe form on your local storage.
Key database can be backup and import in the application.

Main Technologies

.NET Core

.NET Core offers a multi-platform environment to build powerful applications. VE Framework can run under Windows, Linux, Android, and MacOS.
Important part of .NET is ML .NET which is a great Neural Network SDK


Publishing of messages is very important technique in IoT communication. MQTT offers a simple but also a strong way on how to publish data for view or other systems.


Powerful open source object-relational database with over 30 years of active development. Multiplatform solution.
(this database is optional and you can use MSSQL or SQLite too)

HTML / CSS / JavaScript

All User Interfaces are created in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It uses minimum dependencies. Usually just Bootstrap and jQuery. It is very easy to edit and customize any of the UIs.

In repositorz you can also find new UI made with Blazor.

Neblio Blockchain

Neblio blockchain is the first fully supported blockchain in VE Framework. It offers classic cryptocurrency transactions and also issuing of your own NFT tokens that can be sent in your own transactions with custom metadata. It is a whole platform for creating custom NFTs.


All VE Framework apps offers REST API that provides specification in format for Swagger. If you need to build your UI or connection from other systems, this will save you a lot of time.


Pre-beta release of VEconomy

VE Framework is now under development. If you are a tester you can download the pre-beta release. This release can have some issues/bugs, but now it provides all mentioned functionalities.
Do not forget to install
 .NET Core 5.0
and ASP.NET Core 5.0
before you will run the app.


VE Drivers are complex drivers which includes possibility to create multiple accounts for different blockchains. It has connection to the Databases, Integrated JavaScript interpreter and many other features.


VE Drivers Lite are simplified drivers which has functions for Neblio blockchain now. Inside of this drivers you can find drivers for NFTs. This library also contains lots of functions for encryption and signatures with use of blockchain account keys.

Recommended for new designs.


Are you interested for the partnership with VEFramework?