Platform for Virtual Economy and digitalization

You can be a part of the new global connected world. Just find what do you like, what is your passion and build your dream for whole globe. You do not need to be developer to bring your ideas to the global market.
Virtual Economy Framework is Open Source ecosystem to building applications connected to the blockchain and other technologies.

Create your dream with VENFT App

Building your application with the VEFramework is very simple and quick. You can practically copy the VENFT App and change color, logo and create own tokens for your purposes.

Application API

Do you have your own application? If yes, you can use the pre-built app VENFT App Server to connect your app via API. It can work with any standard programming languages (C#, JavaScript, Python, Go, C/C++, Java, etc.).

Blockchain and NFT Ready

Simplicity of the blockchain is its power. It can offer huge amount of “shortcuts” how to solve real challenges in SW architecture. VEFramework contains connection to different blockchains and also NFT drivers which can help you to handle the data on the blockchain.

Open Digitalization

Open Digitalization is the key!
All projects are, and will be published as OpenSource and OpenHardware.

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Industrial Usecases

Global and modern automated industry needs modern technologies. The development of new technologies is much faster than classic industry is. The Industry 4.0 visions and strategies describe how to keep your production up to date with all the modern technologies. The implementation can be easier than you think.

E-commerce Applications

Storing data, reading data, automate processes…All of these tasks are common for most of the channels across the E-commerce and Industrial applications. The VEFramework can cover both. Explore how.

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